Friday, May 24, 2013

Yuiji Aniya's A Convenient Man


Yuiji Aniya's A Convenient Man!


Meet Kitamura, convenience store manager, age 31. With normal good looks and normal good taste, a normal job and a normal income, he feels a normal amount of unhappiness in his normal relationship with a normal woman. Wait! There is a storm warning over this barren life.

Meet Minamihara, younger man and part-time employee. Minamihara lives boldly, courageously. And he is the storm who throws Kitamura's life and heart in unexpected directions.


With A Convenient Man, Yuiji Aniya introduces us to two more unforgettable characters who foolishly, bravely stumble through life while opening their failings, secrets, and dreams to the reader!

Translated by Barbara J. Vincent
Edited by Kimberly Lammens
Lettered by Liz Marina Barillas

Available on all platforms at eManga!

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A Convenient Man (published under Mr. Convenience [ミスターコンビニエンス] in Japan © ANIYA Yuiji 2013. All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition published in 2008 by Tokyo Mangasha.

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