Friday, May 17, 2013

Review our Digital Manga Guild books!

Hello everyone. Long time no see!

I've been browsing the emanga site, and I've been noticing that quite a few of our lovely children (I mean our books, people, our books!) have no reviews. In attempt to remedy that sad lack, I'm here to ask if there's anyone who'd like to receive a free review copy of one of BLBB's manga  over at In return, you would be required to review the book and post your review at emanga, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. We've released some really excellent books in the past few months, and they're not getting enough love!

In case it's not obvious, the review copy is digital only (as all of DMG books are digital only).

To see what to review, just browse below.  Then leave a note on this post, and one of us will work on getting you a free copy. Don't forget to set up an account at!

In addition, other books I've contributed recently and are now available on emanga:

Welcome to Nyan Cafe (shoujo or shounen ai) Kira Nakamura
Obey Your Secretary! (yaoi) Choko Kabutomaru

And lastly,  keep your eyes peeled for the following wonderful books. The BLBangers and I are all looking eagerly forward to sharing these with everyone. They should be available very soon (the top three) and in the coming months (the bottom four):

Sink Into You (shounen ai?) Isino Aya
A Convenient Man (yaoi) Yuiji Aniya
Prince & Butler (hot hot yaoi) Rayra Katagiri
To Sow a Seed (yaoi/shounen ai) Terashima
Polaris Bell (shounen ai) Terashima
Distance to Polaris (shounen ai) Terashima
A Day in August (shounen ai?) Tatsuki


  1. I'd do Prince & Butler if you're up for it. I already have an e-manga account.

    1. Certainly! Thank you very much! That title is in the final stages of production, so it will be released soon.

      Send me,, your account name (your email) for, and as soon as Prince and Butler is released, I'll get a copy sent to you!

  2. I would like to reviewA Convenient Man (yaoi) Yuiji Aniya?

    Thank you

    1. Wonderful! Send me,, your account name (your email) for I'll email you as soon as it is released and a copy has been placed in your library at

    2. Hi again, fantus! Just checkin' in one more time. I need your email address used at (send it to me at my email address above). I'll request your review copy straightaway! <3

  3. I would like to review A Convenient Man also, if possible.
    I will email my account name to you just in case:)

    1. Thank you!

      I rec'd your email regarding your account name at You'll receive an email when A Convenient Man is placed in your library at eManga. I hope you enjoy the story and art!

  4. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I finished the review for Awakened Dreamer, I couldn't post it at Amazon 'cause I'm supposed to have buy the book there in order to do so. I was fun.

    1. Thank you for your review, Paola! I read it at
      (I agree, their difficult relationship problems were solved in a rush!)

      If you have any other story you are interested in reviewing, please let me know! ^_^

    2. You got me thinking more about Awakened Dreamer... I sure do like the ideas behind all of her stories. Some of those one shots at the end were unforgettable--the oyaji one and the autistic one. T_T