Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BL o'clock: Bangin' Behind the Scenes 03

I recently asked my Bang Bang staff to discuss BL o'clock, the time when we set down our translation hats or red pens or wacom tablets to decompress... usually with more BL! Our BL o'clock posts will feature the book(s) we're reading. Editor Kimberly Lammens always has an interesting books in her queue, so she's up to bat first! Dutch style!

Like those annoying people who change subject mid-sentence, I like to change book mid-chapter.

Right now I'm reading Japanese Colour Prints (1966) by J. R. Hillier. Imagine my delight when I realized that the evolution of many of the Japanese comic conventions can be traced to these woodblock ukiyo-e prints!

The middle book is Bread and Wine: an Erotic Tale of New York City (1999). It's a beautiful autobiography: Delany, a university professor, tells the very unusual love story of himself and his partner, a homeless man. Check this book out for an amazing love story told with Mia Wolff's creative and dynamic image-word technique.

The highest book is Erotic Anger (2001) by Gerard Pommier, a French psychoanalyst. He believes Freud's Oedipus complex, Electra complex and castration anxiety theories explain why we like and/or need angry sex. Eventually, after a page or two of this book, I start crying at my sheer stupidity, walk over to the corner of my office, and pick up a kodomo because Pommier and Freud have cock n' balled my brain. Chi always fixes me up right fine.

Next is Anne Whittingham, one of Boys Love Bang Bang's translators.

I'm taking the opportunity to read J no Subete ("All About J") again before I start graduate school next week, as it deals with some very interesting issues and themes surrounding sexuality. Plus, it's by one of my very favorite BL managaka, Asumiko Nakamura! J no Subete follows J's life and how he deals with feelings of gender disparity over three volumes. It's a very dark and psychological manga, and I'd be flabbergasted if it were ever officially localized, but I do hope it is someday!

Next up is Heart of Thomas (Touma no Shinzou). First published in 1974 by acclaimed mangaka Moto Hagio, it's one of the very first shonen-ai/boys' love titles to come out in Japan. I've been really interested in the roots of modern day BL recently, hence why I picked this one up. I'm not very far into it, so I can't comment on the story yet, though! Did you know it's finally getting a localization this year? AND it's going to be translated by localization superstar Matt Thorn?? How exciting! I highly suggest everyone pick up a copy when it comes out. We desperately need more 70's BL and shoujo manga available in English.

Do you have any BL o'clock favorites? Tell us about them! Translator Barbara Vincent and I (letterer Alexandra Gunawan) will make another post later in the month! Let us know if this post was useful for you!

Muku Ogura's Sentimental Garden Lover

Sentimental Garden Lover  by Muku Ogura (Sentimental Garden Lover)
Love is found in the strangest places and with the most unexpected partners. The men (and cats!) of SENTIMENTAL GARDEN LOVER burst into heart-throbbing bloom!

A scruffy stray cat wishes for big hands to hold an abused man, and a cute kitten begs for speech to comfort a broken-hearted stranger. Wander further into the garden, and you’ll find close siblings upset by a love rival; a jaded delinquent flustered by a trusting bookworm; an evasive, glasses-hating man; and a president eager to find a weakness in his perfect secretary.

For both cat and human, the quest for love is here!

Translated by Lea H.
Edited by Kimberly Lammens
Lettered by Alexandra Gunawan

Available for all platforms at eManga.
Also available from Kindle, Nook, and Wowio.

Preview: Click images to make larger.

Sentimental Garden Lover © Muku Ogura 2009. Originally published in Japan in 2009 by Tokyo Mangasha Co., Ltd.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Koume Nakamura's OverDrive

OverDrive  by Koume Nakamura (OverDrive)
This sizzling collection of eight stories will put your heart into OVERDRIVE! Pick your pleasure!

From a student who is suddenly swooped up by a fugitive host to a pair of long term lovers who find out what a tube of lube can and can't do--there's a story in here that will cruise with you!

Read them all! The brakes are cut; we’re in intense OVERDRIVE!

Translated by Barbara J. Vincent
Edited by Kimberly Lammens
Lettered by Alexandra Gunawan
Available for all platforms at eManga.
Also available from Kindle, Nook, and Wowio.

Preview: Click images to make larger.

OverDrive © Koume Nakamura 2005. All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition published in 2005 by Oakla Publishing Co., Ltd.