Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tsubaki Enomoto's Outrageous Cherry Voice

Outrageous Cherry Voice by Tsubaki Enomoto (Hurachi na Cheri Boisu)
Novice voice actor Souhei Seta woke up not only in a strange bed, but COMPLETELY NAKED!! What’s worse, there was a naked man on either side of him! Who are these men? One is the mature, popular script writer Enji Shindou; the other is his brother: popular voice actor Kenzou Morita. Souhei is trying to make it as a voice actor, but finds that being around these two men is making him very distracted. Can a young voice actor mix work and romance? If so, which man will finally win his heart?

DMGuild Group: Rotten Cherries
Translated by Lea H.
Edited by Jeffrey Hitchin
Lettered by Alexandra Gunawan

Available for all platforms at eManga.
Also available from Kindle, Nook, and Wowio.

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