Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Muku Ogura's Sentimental Garden Lover

Sentimental Garden Lover  by Muku Ogura (Sentimental Garden Lover)
Love is found in the strangest places and with the most unexpected partners. The men (and cats!) of SENTIMENTAL GARDEN LOVER burst into heart-throbbing bloom!

A scruffy stray cat wishes for big hands to hold an abused man, and a cute kitten begs for speech to comfort a broken-hearted stranger. Wander further into the garden, and you’ll find close siblings upset by a love rival; a jaded delinquent flustered by a trusting bookworm; an evasive, glasses-hating man; and a president eager to find a weakness in his perfect secretary.

For both cat and human, the quest for love is here!

Translated by Lea H.
Edited by Kimberly Lammens
Lettered by Alexandra Gunawan

Available for all platforms at eManga.
Also available from Kindle, Nook, and Wowio.

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Sentimental Garden Lover © Muku Ogura 2009. Originally published in Japan in 2009 by Tokyo Mangasha Co., Ltd.


  1. Say, hey! Sentimental Garden Lover has apparently been reviewed in the latest Otaku USA. :)


  2. Oh! Thank you for letting me know, Sarah!

    1. No problem! I picked up the issue today...the review is quite favorable. (^_^)b I can take a picture of it for you when I get home and have access to a camera.

    2. Why, thank you! That'd be lovely! You're a sweetie! <3