Monday, February 13, 2012

Workspace: Bangin' Behind the Scenes 02

Whether localizers work out of bed or a cluttered desk or have a table reserved at a local coffee shop, we all do our thing somewhere. Take a peek!

Barb's Birdy Desk:

That tiny and messy desk in the corner is my workspace. It's backed up against the stereo cabinet and a case of DVD's and video tapes including our small Naruto anime collection.

In the background, you can see Francine at her computer (really the family computer, but obviously she gets free use of it with all the men out of the house, besides which they have their own computers anyway). You can see when I am working I have an almost constant companion! In this photo you can see I've just been to Peet's Coffee and gotten coffees for both F and me.

And lastly on the left you can see my other companion, Jade, the blue-front amazon. She often flies over to sit on the back of my chair or even hops onto my shoulder to get scratched or pull on my glasses.

Anne's Area:

Anne still hasn't found the perfect work setup after moving to a new apartment at the end of 2011. Lucky for her, a handy-dandy laptop means her work place can be wherever she darn well feels like it! But that usually involves sitting in some awkward position on the living room floor or hunching over the keyboard in the kitchen...

One day, she dreams of having a study filled with BL and academic books all to herself! And two monitors would certainly be nice, too...

Kim’s Workspace:

My hubby did a photo shoot! I have a bajillion photos of my space now! LOLZ. He's a star!

This is one half of my room; the other half of the room is... books. Wall-to-wall.

Alexandra's IKEA Eyesore:

I relocated for work and live in temporary housing, so I have about two sticks of furniture in the whole apartment to rub together. It's like university living all over again!

The shelf above my desk houses a sliver of my reading queue, along with a bucket of pens I never use, and two boxes full of stationary. Anyone want a letter? ;)

Below the shelf there's a calendar marked with deadlines and appointments and book/movie releases. Next to that is a bulletin board littered with colored advert inserts from various books. My favorite is a Citron anthology advert featuring est em's art. Salarymen on a scooter. Yum.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Al, yours is beautiful and clean-looking.

    I forgot to mention that the other parrot, Parry, gets onto the bottom shelf of the desk and nibbles on my toes as I works sometimes! :D

    1. HAHA you know, that's because I vacuumed the day before the picture was taken! Otherwise you'd see little fur bunnies spotting the carpet thanks to my habitually shedding Aussie. XD

      I like your place. It looks lived in!

    2. It is...very...lived in. Urk.

  2. From hell's heart, I spit at thee! So jealous am I of your organized, professional spaces!

    Ha, ha! Naw, it just means I needs ta git on over to each of your spaces and dish mah shit out all over y'all. I have a red feather boa for Barb, a giant ass Totoro for Anne, and another little wooden poseable man for Alexandra. To pose. With her doll. *digs for Kama Sutra book; stops, thinks: "Why the heck does she need Kama Sutra? She's lettering yaoi!"*

    This is so much fun! I can "see" mah homies! *points two fingers at my eyes, then at all your eyes* That's right; I'm watching.

    And that wine bottle and tipped over vodka bottle? ABSOLUTELY figments of your imaginations. You guys should seriously get that checked out.

  3. I love this kind of stuff! Oh, and two screens is a must! I can't do without, so it sucks when I have to travel. Thanx for giving us a little peek!

    1. Our pleasure! Thank you for leaving feedback about these Bangin' Behind the Scenes posts. I'm always wondering if people want to know about the team, or if they just want some books! heh. If you can think of any other types of posts you'd like to see from us just drop me a line! XD

    2. You bet! I'm glad you're enjoying our personal posts! <3 (And I dislike having to work while travelling as well! So cumbersome! Plus, my old granny eyes aren't holding up like they used to....)