Monday, February 6, 2012

BLBangBang: Bangin' Behind the Scenes 01

Boys Love Bang Bang is a localization group currently working with the Digital Manga Guild. Our books are available on Kindle, Nook,, and DMP's iOS and Android apps.

Catch us on facebook and tumblr! Feel free to contact us by email at boyslovebangbang at gmail dot com.

Name: Barbara (translator @kokiden)

Age: 54

Blood Type/Sign: A positive/Aquarius/Dog

Hobby: Knitting and raising my pet teenaged girl

Comment: Love is the only thing better than a well-written sentence.

Name: Anne (translator @apricotsushi)

Age: 24

Blood Type/Sign: Rabbit/Sagittarius/O

Hobby: video games, crafting

Comment: You're sure to learn all about getting the creeps in due time, but it won't help you earn a living.

Name: Dutchie aka Kimbo. (editor @lostdutchie) Strangely, I was called "Tim" for years by my friend's dad. What does this mean?!

Age: Hippie Age (I wash my underwear religiously! Once a week! I swear!)

Blood Type/Sign: Oh! After a bloody battle, I admire the signs on Sesshoumaru's face. And Beast Inuyasha! My, that's rather fetching as well. Oh. That's not what you meant.

Hobby: I ponder important matters: would a "Cheer up Mishima Day" have helped Yukio? (Nah, Saint Sebastian cosplay: heaps more effective.)

When I'm feeling frisky, I set aside my grammar, punctuation and style manuals to read textbooks on: psychology; sexuality; and the history and structure of the comic art form.

To relax, I like to memorize lines from Ueda Akinari's Tales of Moonlight and Rain and Ihara Saikaku's Great Mirror of Male Love.

Then, I postulate on what would make Bunny cry. Tiger leaving him? Whipping him?

Comment: I've said too much.

Name: Alexandra (letterer @blbangbang)

Age: 25. Permanently.

Blood Type/Sign: Rawr~ I'm a twin tiger.

Hobby: Too busy digging myself out from under an avalanche of dirty books... that counts as traveling, right?

Comment: No attention paid to TPO, I enjoy reading dialogue aloud from comics while lettering. It's earned me a few perplexed stares at my local coffee shop. Whoops. Good thing I wear pants.

That's all from us (or is it?). Have a bangin' good week!


  1. OMFG. Look at us! LOOK AT US. We're all so fabulous in both mind and body! *dramatic pose*

    We should brainstorm what other cleverness we can post in this sensational new label, "bangin behind the scenes"!

    Thanks for this post, Al! <3 You, blonde goddess, you!

    1. Keep it deadly, boy! rawr

      Also yeah, if you come up with any post ideas let me know. It's so hard banging behind the scenes solo. o_O;;

  2. It's nice to see the faces behind the names! :) You guys are awesome!

    1. Hey Lea!

      Awww. You're rockin' too! It's been a pleasure working with you on Maia Tori's Touching the Night Stars!

      Let's do it again soon. :)