Thursday, October 25, 2012

PSYCHE DELICO's Pure Love's Sexy Time

Pure Love's Sexy Time by PSYCHE DELICO (Junai Eroki)
What do animals do in the spring of their lives? They mate! Wildly!

Four mischievous friends have met their match: their own hearts! Now that they're older, the only troubles these country boys find make them moan and pant. Kou-chan wants to confess to Kishi, but he’s full of heart-pounding doubt over Kishi’s response. Mitsuru, the serious boy pining for a lost love, is ambushed by Tarou, an obtuse, air-headed sadist, full of devotion for his darling. And who is this tall boy, beating everyone up yet shooting flowers out of the panels? Somebody needs to figure out his body language.

Psyche Delico comes out to play... all over the pages of PURE LOVE’S SEXY TIME!

Translated by Lea H.
Edited by Kimberly Lammens
Lettered by Alexandra Gunawan

Available on all platforms at eManga!

Preview: Click images to make larger.

Junai Eroki © PSYCHE DELICO 2010. All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition published in 2010 by Junet.

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